Growing up in Sydney in the wake of the 2000 Olympic Games, I idolised the likes of Ian Thorpe, Cathy Freeman and Lleyton Hewitt.

I always loved sport and chasing after my older brother, but if you’d told me that 21 years later, I’d be following in the footsteps of the Olympic athletes of my childhood, I probably would never have believed you!


I was introduced to modern pentathlon at age 13, when my family and I lived in England for a year. A teacher mentioned that, as an Aussie, I "must do all that running, shooting stuff"- we had no idea what he was on about!

As soon as he described what pentathlon was, I knew it was for me, and within my first week I fell in love with this nutcase sport and the challenge of training for five such different events. Within a year, I had qualified for the British Youth Nationals in Triathlon (swim, run, shoot).

Upon returning to Sydney at the end of 2010, I took a break from pentathlon as I thought it too difficult to pursue in Australia. Instead, I focussed on my studies and took part in a huge range of school sports, representing my school in Cross Country, Athletics, water-polo, swimming, hockey, soccer and tennis, as well as being the school’s first ever representative at State Triathlon. These experiences only deepened my innate love for the joys of sport, at any and every level.

At the end of Year 10 I was introduced back into modern pentathlon by London 2012 Olympian Ed Fernon, who encouraged me to try and qualify for the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games. I did so in Year 12, the first Australian female to do so, whilst concurrently juggling my HSC school year to get the marks for my university course of choice- Medical Science at Sydney University.

Throughout the next 6 years, I progressed through the Junior/U21 levels, finishing ranked 7th in the world, became Senior Australian Champion twice, and went on to represent Australia in International Championships and World Cups at the Open/Senior level. In November 2019, 4 weeks off crutches from a stress fracture to my thigh, I competed in the Asia/Oceania trials for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

2 years later, and 21 years on from watching the Sydney Olympic Games as a four-year-old, in August 2021 I found myself on the start line in Tokyo Stadium as a member of an historic Australian Olympic Team.

Through multiple injuries, a global pandemic, and humbling lessons in mental health, I could not have been more grateful to be able to put on that green and gold, and moreover to be backed by the friends, family and team that have cheered, hugged, and shared all the cups of tea with me along this crazy journey so far. 


I'm passionate about the joy that sport can bring (especially women's sport), science and medicine, having a chat, and approaching sport in the context that you are a person before you are an athlete.

When not on a horse / in the pool / on the track / at the shooting range/ on the fencing piste, you'll find me with a cuppa in hand, studying, reading a book or having a yarn, or out in the bush and at the beach enjoying the best that the Australian outdoors has to offer. 


Penta-whaaat?! Pentathlon in 45 seconds.